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Just because everything's changing

Ito na. Nagsimula na ang pagpapahirap. Character sketch para sa English, interview, expository essay, sample shots para sa pagaapply bilang photographer, entrance exam para makapasok sa school paper, midterms sa MAS10 and Draw20w, long quiz sa Math10. And those books I want to finish!

Pero what's the use of me telling all these things? I should be out there doing it! By the way, I went home again. Then I'll probably go back to Intra madaling araw sa Sabado. At may klase pa ako non. *sigh* Kailan ko ba mapapanood ang UP at The Time Traveler's Wife?!! D:

And hyes, 5 kg ang nabawas sa akin sa loob ng 4 weeks. Keehee.

Pagod na pagod ako ngayon... Please home-cooked meals, end my empty stomach's suffering!!!

What a week!

It's been only four weeks but guess what, our midterms are fast approaching! It's almost here. This week yata? Hm. So what do I have to say about the first month about dorm and college life? Absolutely great so far. Pressuring and stressful in some parts but still manageable!

Every time I go home, I miss Intramuros! And my dorm! And Mapua! It was so homey there that it only took a week for me to adjust.

Ok. So eto ang highlights!

1. Descriptive Essay writing nung ENG10
Napakasamang experience! Grabe. Pinagawa kami ng essay about our first long quiz in Math10. Eh as in super sakit ng tyan ko! I can't write with ease dahil nagpilipit-pilipit na yata ang intestines ko. Hahaha pero ang inisip ko. May kailangang ilabas. Hahahaha so I brought out tissues and went out. Nung nakabalik na ako, thankfully I still had time to finish the essay. PHEW!!!

2. Embarrassing experience in English
English is the subject I'm always making a fool of myself! Kailan pa naging 17 ang sum ng 9 + 7?! I should've said 3.5 but I said 4! AAARRRGGGHHH.

3. Ate at numerous carinderias
Okay. Erase the numerous. Dalawa pa lang nga eh... Hahaha. We haven't tried eating at Kantunan yet. One reason is that there's a lot of people there! And we can't eat there for we would occupy lots of space. Kaya dun kami lagi sa likod ng Mapua. Tapos one day, we tried Faustino's. Sarap din dun pero under time pressure ka dahil angdaming mga taong pumapasok eh maliit-liit lang yun! Si Carla eh napakain ng mabilisang ang kanyang fried pork chop at Mountain Dew!

4. I enjoy my blockmates' company
Every dismissal in our Draw20w class, may mga maiiwan pa sa room. Kami-kami nila Nikki tapos sila James, Jeano, Eugene at Benjo. Magkekwentuhan sila at magtatawanan. Ako makikitawa. In these earlier times of college, hindi pa ako pala-kwento. Tagatawa lang. Sad no? Hindi tulad ng high school. Haaay. Hahaha! Hihikain ako pag nandyan si James at Nikki eh! Add Kyle pa who is so mischievous he surprised Nikki one time at the cafeteria and the outcome was nabulunan ako dahil sa isang nut ng donut tapos si Carla tawa ng tawa kinapos ng hangin.

5. Ghost stories and CHEEStories
Two nights of scary and cheesy stories with my room mates Lei and Paola! I enjoy their stories! And saya nilang kasama. Hahaha! Paola's my elementary classmate! We've met again. Hehe :) Grabe talaga. Nakakatakot! Kasi diba, sa Intramuros pa kami? Tapos dorm. So there's no denying na matatakot ka sa mga pinagkekwento namin!

6. The first long quiz in Math10
Kung tutuusin, madali lang eh. PERO. PERO. PERO. Okay hindi gaanong kadali. Mahirap din siya! Eh kasi naman... I didn't bring my calculator. Yes, my trusted calcu since high school. Ang calcu na nakapagpasa sa akin sa Stat! Hahahaha! I didn't bring it!!! Eh biglang pinayagan na kaming gumamit ng calcu. O patay ako ngayon diba? Pero ano magagawa ko? MAGMANUAL! Woo. Haha.

7. First time to commute pabalik!!! And second time mag-LRT (First was when I was 5 ba? HAHA)
Ok. So I texted Nial yesterday afternoon! I asked him if he was going home to Gapo. He said yes pero mga 6 pa daw at may kasabay siya. So I met up with him in front of Residencia, his dorm. Then we walked to Mapua and waited for our kasabay. St. Jo din so old schoolmate! Si Ate Shen? Wah I'm not sure of the spelling. Haha! She's so cute and nice! And really easy to talk to. So we walked and walked and walked until we got out of Intramuros. Tapos punta ng LRT!!!! Woo! Enjoy naman! Nakatayo ako all throughout the trip! At nung isang stasyon na lang at Monumento na, dun lang ako nakaupo. Irony strikes!!! Haha. Then walked to the Victory terminal in Caloocan! Ayun dun kaming tatlo sa likod! Palabas sa TV eh Poohkwang so we laughed and I remebered the time when we watched that at the back of the class nung mga March na. MANOK NA BATA :D Hehe. Tapos kwentuhan kami about ghost stories in Mapua, sa mga dorms namin, alien conspiracy theories, Mapua, sleeping and lots more! :) Then we got in Gapo na and they left the bus before I did. Tapos sinundo na ako ni Mommy and we ate at KFC. I was so hungry!!!! Nahihilo nga ako sa bus eh.

Marami pang pangyayari pero ngayon eh gusto kong manood ng TV. Imajin! 2 weeks akong walang alam sa balita, sa mga cartoons. Nako nako. I shall go now!

Pressure, college, drawing, B41

B41 My beloved section! We're not complete here since lots have left when Ma'am Ignacio dismissed us from Draw20w. Kyle took this picture then I brightened the picture a bit and tweaked the contrast.

Second week of college was more tiring! And you can feel the pressure na! Reporting on Egyptian art tomorrow, we had to research stuff. Then I forgot to attach the file. Eh the file was saved in a net shop in Intramuros pa! So I had to research again earlier. Good thing naabutan ko si Jason. Dapat daw umaga ng Sunday eh. Phew!

Then angdaming requirements pa sa Draw2ow! I haven't got a 12x18 sketch pad pa and all those other drafting instruments but I've done my assignment na. In English not yet but I'll probably do it later.

I'll not be going back to Manila today. Tomorrow na lang! Papacheck up ako ng mata eh! Anglabo na talaga. Nung una yung right eye ko lang ang hindi nakakabasa ng malayo, ngayon pati left na. Aruy. Hindi ito pwede! I must wear eyeglasses na.

Next update I don't know when but... We'll see. All I know is that today... I feel so tired. My head's spinning and I am HUNGRY FOR HOME-COOKED MEALS!

First week

First week of being a college frosh was a blast! I'm in Subic right now, taking a rest from all the schoolworks and long walks from our dorm to school. I've met really nice people! First college friend is Kwinee. Then we made friends with the two girls who sat next to us while waiting for the prof to enter the room to SW400. Nikki and Lee! Tapos nakipagkaibigan na rin kami sa dalawang blockmates naming nakaupo sa harap namin. Sila James and Mikey.

Then ayun, tuloy tuloy na ang making friends! Sa likod sila JJ, Eugene, Carla and Allysa. :)
Lots of funny people in MAS and in our section B41. Daming assignments and requirements pero kakayanin! :D

Also got to see and meet some of the MAS forum people! Si Kyle, Dana, Inches and Lady! Also saw Kuya Pedyson nung unang araw.

Looking forward to more fun this week.

Almost here

"WALANG BAGYO. It's just the Death Eaters having 'fun' on Voldemort's orders."

I just love the movie. Hangover pa rin. ;___;

Currently listening to Hero-Enrique Iglesias. :D Haha bought a new book earlier and some art stuff. Malapit na pasukan! sa 20 na! I want to see all those friendly people in the forum! Gwilen, RAP, Inches, Francesca, Aruin, Paolo, Kyle, our seniors and fellow froshies! LAHAT! :) Excited eh. Pero kabado pa rin.

I haven't packed anything yet and we're supposed to leave for Manila tomorrow! Geez cheez beez. OH well, sleepless nights are my friends ever since the summer vacation.

Truth be told, I don't want to leave our home pa. Will I survive the wonders and dangers of Manila? HOPE SO. This is a challenge for an introverted person like me. Haha I have no social life. Yata. Ewan. Bah humbug. I shall get rid of my shyness once and for all.

Can't wait to see my good old friends again on Sunday! Will watch HBP with Kate, Sy, No, Shay, Thea, Carla! Sa MOA na lang sana para imax. Haha. :)) Taxi na lang kami.

GRABE unang lipat pa lang gala na ako. WAHAHA. Seriously, hindi ako pala-gala. It's just that I haven't seen them for such a long time and HP's showing pa o diba? :)

Waited so long for this

My Mom and I watched Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince earlier! Here are my thoughts on the movie. 

If you haven't seen it yet, don't read it or you'll just get spoiled.


It was great! Awesome. Favorite scene had to be the cave part. Superb effects and almost like what I had imagined when I first read HBP. But here's the thing. The battle scene which I was looking forward to the most next to the cave part, was not included in the movie, which was a major disappointment for me. And Dumbledore's funeral! Why oh why did they not include it? That was essential to what we'll see in DH. However... Perhaps we'll see it in the beginning of DH? Hm I doubt it... But still, even though some parts didn't stay true to the book and certain parts weren't included,  all in all, I think it was a great movie.

Some people say it was a disappointment, yes it was, in some parts, but hey, we're all entitled to our own opinions! Just go see the movie and enjoy it! :D

I'm looking forward for the Deathly Hallows movie. Lots of favorite chapters there. I hope every detail, okay, not exactly every detail, should be put in the movie. Hey. It's the last one! And lots of explanations to do for people who haven't read the HP books. 

PS. I'm dying to see what the 'cut part' would be of the first half of the movie. HAHA. If it was a great cliffhanger, I'd probably go, "NOOOOOO! WHY THERE?! Why did it end there?!"